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Discount of Chinese airline ticket orders ticket notice on net net

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Airliner choice and order fill in:
1, airliner:
After you choose a condition, click " inquiry fare " , inquire eventuate accords with full fare information of the condition, if have a problem,contact with our customer service personnel please.
2, the price:
By fare, taxes, fuel construction of cost, airport expends 4 parts to comprise. Fare basis airline, cabin seat or berth, period of efficacy, retreat change the regulation such as the autograph and differ somewhat. Taxes basis everyday exchange rate can drift somewhat, specific give a ticket to was that day with you accurate. Fuel expenses is because fuel increases price and airline increases the cost that control, specific every course differs somewhat. The airport builds cost: It is regulation of civil aviaton total bureau takes international and harbor, bay area airliner everybody is 90 yuan, baby, children and the passenger that hold diplomatic passport to leave the country can be avoided receive the airport to build cost.
3, full name and certificate:
Must use board the plane person passport full name submits order form, if book full name and certificate full name abhorrent will not board the plane, the loss that causes by book person proper motion to assume.
4, passenger type:
1) average fare
2) new immigrant -- the visa that must provide a passenger and photocopy of new emigrant paper
3) student studying abroad -- the photocopy that needs visa of the advice note of enter a school that offers a passenger, student
4) service personnel -- the photocopy that needs the passport that provides a passenger and service visa
The choice seizes the opportunity the person's corresponding identity, the capacity that the system will provide according to you offers relevant price for you. No matter your identity is student, new,be service personnel, want you to be willing to accept only " common " the price of passenger type, also can reserve the international airline ticket of this price.
5, reach children ballot about the baby:
Infantile ticket: Malcontent of two one full year of life can buy. Children ticket: Malcontent of 12 one full year of life can buy.
6, contact means:
Ask correct, detailed input to contact information and carry news report your expedite, so that airline ticket books a can seasonable ground and you to contact; Like contact, connection the data such as the phone has by accident, this order will be regarded as invalid order to make cancel to handle.
7, repeat order:
Do not refer please repeat order (same board the plane when the person is same paragraph of airline ticket order of two pieces of above) , if refer,repeated order to bring about repeat a ticket, the loss of return a ticket that produces will be assumed entirely by the person that book.