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Price of airline ticket of American Canada international, book

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American mainland airline CO The United States Canada Inquire information of more airline ticket

The United StatesMainland airline Co
Beijing sets out 10 - fifty-one million six hundred and fifty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-two toThe United States/CanadaAirline ticket of special offer international is booked
Destination: North America -The United States/Canada

Time limit giving a bill: AUg07, 06 -dec28, 06
Applicable date setting out: Sep04, 06 - Dec29, 06

Price of plane ticket bargain price:
Zhou Yi - Zhou Si: Cny4100

Zhou Yi - weekday: Cny4600

Return a ticket: Do not allow
Children / baby / old person discount: Emperor is inspected
Airliner: 1. Beijing - new York must be takenCo88 airliners
2. new York is headed forThe United States/CanadaCity of ministry of the eastpart part, Chinese and Western must be takenCoOrCo The airliner of non-stop flight to of Express
3. fare does not apply to code to share a flight number

Ec area: Point toThe United StatesAndCanadaCity of the eastpart part: Abe, ack, aex, ags, alb, atl, avl, bdl, bgr, bhm, bna, bos, btr, btv, buf, bwi, cae, cha, chiChs, ckb, cle, clt, cmh, crw, cvg, dab, day, dca, dtw, ewr, fll, gpt, grr, gso, gsp, hpn, hsvIad, ind, jan, jax, lch, lex, lft, lit, mci, MCo, mdt, mem, mgm, mht, mia, mke, mlu, mob, msnMsp, msy, myr, oma, orf, pbi, phl, pit, plb, pns, pvd, pwm, rdu, ric, roc, rsw, sav, sdf, shvSrq, stl, syr, tlh, tpa, txk, tys, vps, xna, yhz, yow, yqb, yqm, yul, yyt, yyz, zfv, ztf, zve, zwi

Mw area: Point toThe United StatesAndCanadaCity of ministry of Chinese and Western: Abq, ama, aus, bpt, bro, cll, CoS, crp, den, dfw, drt, efd, elp, hou, hrl, iah, ict, ile, lbbLrd, maf, mfe, mtj, okc, sat, tul, vct, yeg