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Price of airline ticket of Australian Sydney Melbourne

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China International airline Country boat Ocean city Australia Australia Sydney Melbourne Inquire information of more airline ticket

China International airline Country boat
Shanghai -Sydney MelbourneTicket of special offer plane is sold
Destination: OceanianAustralia Australia Sydney Melbourne

Airline ticket only then hair date: (viatic date with boat of the first international in range paragraph viatic date is accurate)
On December 7, 2008 - on December 14, 2008, on December 25, 2008 - on December 30, 2008

Shanghai -Sydney/Melbourne45 days fly back and forth airline ticket price: Cny4700

Return trip of case of this plane the price of a ticket does not get Open change the date to expend: 600 return a ticket expend: 1000

If need to use in rangeCountry boatSelf-supportingMelbourne- Ca-SydneyDuan Hang class, need to be added on this price stop 500cny/ person / paragraph.

The return trip is in on December 8 - the airliner December 31 is not applicable.

Discount of children, baby
(1) adult accompanies children discount: To grow up 75% of applicable sale price.
(2) accompanies children discount without the adult: Not applicable.
(3) does not have an infantile discount: Not applicable.