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"11 " golden week airline ticket should buy a ticket ahead of schedule

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11 " the golden week will come, the author sells a branch to learn from market of branch of Na Hang Dalian, "11 " during, na Hang by Dalian only then the airliner of hair is major ticket source is nervous, and range of privilege of airline ticket price is not big. "11 " during the golden week, the citizen appropriate as soon as possible that is about to seize the opportunity to travel orders a ticket, lest delay your journey.
Course of domestic main travel: Dalian reachs Beijing course, came on September 29 the airliner October 6 is total value sale, the airline ticket of partial hour has sold one sky.
Dalian reachs Shanghai course, there was a share to the airliner October 6 on September 29 7 lose airline ticket, the airline ticket of gold period of time does not have a discount.
Dalian reachs Guangzhou course, to the airliner October 2 at present still 5 lose airline ticket on September 29, and the airliner fare October 5 already rose to 8 fold. Dalian reachs Shenzhen course, on September 29, October 1, 3 days of airliners now is 5 lose a sale, october 2, airliner of 4 days 7 lose a sale, the airliner October 5 already was adjusted 8 fold.
Dalian reachs Nanjing course: To the airliner October 2 7 lose airline ticket on September 29, in October 3, the airline ticket of 8 days of airliners is 8 fold, in October 4, airliner of 6 days is reduced again to 7 lose a sale. Dalian comes Changsha course, the flight number that reached 6 days on September 29 is 8 lose a sale.
Dalian reachs Hangzhou course, all was total value with the airline ticket October 5 on September 29; Came on September 30 in October 4, airliner of 6 days can be bought 7 lose airline ticket.
Dalian comes Chengdu course, the airliner September 29 is sold external 8 fold, the total value of airliner airline ticket September 30, and ticket capacity is not much, and in October 1, 2, 4, airliner of 5 days still has 7 to lose airline ticket, the airliner had 5 to lose airline ticket on October 3, still can buy the 6 airline ticket that lose on October 6.
Dalian reachs Kunming course, total on September 29 value, on September 30 8 lose a sale, was on October 1 9 fold, in October 2, 6 days are reduced to 6 fold, in October 3, 4, 5 days can buy the 7 airline ticket that lose.
Dalian comes Xi'an course, september 29, 30 days of airliners 8 lose a sale, was total value on October 1, 7 lose airline ticket on October 2, in October 3, 4, 5 days of airliners are adjusted 8 fold, the airliner still can be bought at present on October 6 6 lose airline ticket.
Dalian reachs Harbin course, september the airline ticket 29 October 5 is total value.
Current, afore-mentioned airliner ticket sources are finite.
International respect: Dalian comes airliner of Huang of Tokyo, renown Gu Wu, rich hill, Osaka, thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China, dalian comes the favourable airline ticket that the airliner such as Korea head Er buys a ticket to be able to buy different level ahead of schedule now.